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Botox Application Areas

Forehead Area: When we raise our eyebrows, long lines from left to right will occur on our forehead. Botox is used to prevent long accordion wrinkles as a result of these facial expressions.

Frown Lines: We use botox to eliminate deep lines that occurs when we frown our eyebrows. In this region, filling can be combined to the line formed as a result of deepening and tissue loss. Thus, the line between these two eyebrows can be healed and the angry expression on the face can be wiped.

Crow’s Feet: We apply botox to prevent the thin crow’s feet formed on the edges of our eyes every time we squeeze our eyes. However, botox is not used for under-eye pitting and dark circles. In addition, botox is useful twitch of the eyelid, abnormal contraction of the eyelid muscles, called blepharospasm.

Nasal “Bunny Lines”: Botox is also used to reduce the use of muscles and remove wrinkles on both sides of our nose.

Lip Lines: Botox is also applied to lift lip corners and heal cigarette lines. Especially the muscles located on the edge of the lower lip pull the mouth down over time and leave an unhappy expression. It is possible to block this area’s muscles with botox and lift the lip edges up to get rid of wrinkles and unhappy expression.

Chin: Botox is a very good solution for wrinkles at the tip of the chin.

Eyebrow: For people with lowered eyebrows, botox is applied and the muscles that cause the eyebrows to fall are blocked and the eyebrows will be lifted. A noticeable eyebrow lift can be performed by botox.

Neck: It is necessary to apply more amount of botox to the neck area rather than other regions. Botox is applied to correct the sagging image formed by the loosened muscles located vertically on the neck. Botox is useless and not used in jowl sagging or neck stretching

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