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Botox Application and How Often Botox Should Be Applied? :

There is no gender discrimination or age limit for Botox. Anyone between the ages of 18- 65 can get it done. Anyone can have a botox, regardless of gender. Pregnant women and lactating women should wait for these processes to end.

Botox injection takes a few minutes after the anesthetic cream. After the procedure, rashes and bruises are not very common. Even with sensitive and allergic skin structures, the risk of bruising, redness and edema is low. After the botox injected, people can easily continue their daily lives. Many of our patients show up on their lunch break to have botox, and then they can continue their work immediately. Hot water or showering should be avoided for 4 or 5 hours after the botox application.

2-10 days after the injection of Botox, the healing of wrinkles on the skin begins and its effect lasts approximately 5-6 months. The need for recurrence decreases to 1 or 2 years in patients who apply every 6 months.

It is really important to be careful to choose a good clinic and an experienced doctor for every aesthetic procedures. Improper botox injections or cheap and fake brands creates complications. Undesirable results such as eyebrow dropping, expression disorder, and asymmetry disorder after application can be seem. Botox bottles that has waited too long, not diluted or not kept in the cold does not give the good results and disappoints people. Botox medicine that are kept in the right conditions and reputable botox brands should be used. The opened botox bottle can be used for one or two patients.

Wrong Perceptions about Botox

There are many wide spread wrong perceptions about Botox. One of them is that botox is obtained from Snake venom. Yes, Botox contains toxins, but not a toxin is not obtained from snakes. Botox is a protein based drug developed from botilinum bacteria produced in labrotoars. Botox is approved by the Ministry of Health, but also FDA approved in the USA.

Another known mistake is that people who have botox do not have mimic ability and have a dull facial expression. Over the years, botox medicine content and application has been improved. After a proper botox application, there are no results like dull and shocked facial expression. With the increase on the use of Botox, people become more conscious and these false perceptions disappear gradually.

Masseter Botox: In order to eliminate the appearance of square face in women and to have more feminine thin facial contours, a more proportional face shape can be obtained by applying botox to the masseter muscles (chewing muscle) located in the lower region of the face. Patients with teeth grinding and jaw clenching problems (bruxism) can also be treated with Botox application to the Masseter muscles.

Botox for Migraine Treatment: Migraine complaints are reduced with botox medicine by applying to the neck and temple area. Chronic migraine pain is reliefed by blocking the nerves that cause migraine pain. Botox effect starts to show in 10-12 days after the procedure and it is effective for 6-8 months.

Botox for Excessive Sweating Treatment “Hyperhidrosis”:

Botox is also used for the treatment of “hyperhidrosis” ,excessive sweating in the hands, feet, armpits and even hair roots. As a result of excessive sweating, people’s social lives are seriously affected. Due to sweating, negative factors such as constantly changing clothes and avoiding handshake happens.

Botox basically reduces running of the sweat glands by blocking the nerve endings and the sweat glands, thereby eliminating the problem of excessive sweating. Its effect is felt after 15 days and stays for 6-7 months. Our patients who have excessive sweating problem can come to our clinic at the beginning of spring and apply botox to the problemed area and feel its effect until autumn.

Things to Know After Botox Injection:

After all botox injection, person should not go to the hairdresser, sports, sauna on the same day. It is recommended not to enter the pool for 3 days. It is very important to maintain the hygiene of the skin after Botox injection. And also hard pressure should be prevented on the botox injected skin area.

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