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You know that there are several types of mammoplasty procedures, and that the method used varies depending on the demands of patients. Mainly breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift surgeries are performed. The method used varies depending on our patient's age, the elasticity of her skin, whether she has given birth, and whether she has breastfed. Therefore, we choose the mammoplasty technique by having a talk with the patient.

We use two techniques for breast reduction surgeries. The method that we refer to as "inferior pedicle" is a technique commonly used especially in America. Although this leaves a bigger scar, a quite nice shape appears immediately. The vertical technique leaves a less noticeable scar but sometimes a little revision may be required for reaching the final shape.

In breast augmentation surgeries, the points, through which silicone implants are placed, varies from person to person. The operation can be done with the sub-muscular, sub-mammary gland and dual plan techniques. The dual plan technique is a quite new and popular technique. It is also our most used surgical technique. We also use the techniques that involve the accession through an axillary incision, an incision made under the breast, and an incision made in the nipple area.

In breast lift surgeries, we use the vertical scar technique. We provide lifting with a very minor scar. We obtain a perfect mastopexy result with your own tissue if it is adequate, or with a small silicone implant.

If there is an asymmetrical breast problem, the procedure required for symmetry is the combination of the techniques that we specified above. We provide the breast aesthetic by applying whichever is necessary to provide symmetry.

Mammoplasty Information

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed in women who have different-sized breasts, young women whose breasts have not grown although they have reached the age of 17

Breast Reduction

We see that such big breasts also impede the daily physical activities of our patients. This surgery that usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours should be done under general anesthesia. . .

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

In some women, the breasts sag due to certain factors such as gravity, decreased skin elasticity, and breastfeeding. Some of such sagging breasts have an adequate amount of tissue, whereas the tissues of some others are inadequate. .

Mammoplasty Operations

One of the most comprehensive and important branches of plastic surgery is mammoplasty. A woman's breasts are the most important organs that enable her to feel feminine.